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people are weird, aren't they?

Posted by luxrayluv - 1 month ago

Do you ever just start casually rooting around in someone's likes/interests/followings and realize there's a part of them you never knew about? Has it ever made you reconsider a lot about what you thought you knew about them or changed your opinion on them? Have you ever considered seriously adjusting your relationship with them since you don't think you'll ever be able to provide them with what they appear to be interested in? What about stepping away from that person entirely based on what you found?

Because if you have... gosh, that must be a totally normal and not-at-all jarring experience or something.



More often than not, I'm afraid. I could be going around in their profile and find some slightly creepy interests or they themselves admit about it once they get accustomed to me.

Most of the time it's usually something somewhat completely normal, so it would be okay by my side. Other times they would have interests that I believe only a stalker would have to be honest.

It all really depends how much you know that person and if you're okay with what they're doing. I had a friend from Finland who was okay for the most part but overtime became very abusive and had creepy interests and talking about his problems seemed nigh impossible, so permablocking was the only way to go.

I would say to choose your friends carefully but be sure to check what they're into from time to time. If they're okay, they're good to go! Otherwise, better off not talking to them. :p

I think that's some good advice, thank you! Nobody is perfect, and I try not to judge based solely on a few of their interests or anything like that, but it's tricky sometimes. I'm mostly wondering if now, whenever I talk to them, what I found out is going to be flitting in and out of the back of my mind. Does that make sense?

It feels like it would be unfair to break away from someone based on some of their more... unique interests (so long as they/those interests aren't harming anyone).

Thanks again for your input, it's always helpful to be reminded that these types of things do happen to others and things can turn out okay in the end :-)

@luxrayluv Hey, it's no problem. :)

If you ask me, I believe everyone has at least one weird little interest that separates them from the rest or that they keep as a secret, but it's important to see how 'direct' they are with opening up to someone when it comes to something related to that.

Two people can have the same quirk/interest/kink and one might open up acting strange and all that which can turn someone off, while the other person might open up feeling relaxed and everything which would make them look as if they have a quirky hobby that nobody really minds.

It all depends on the context of the situation and speaking about whatever someone has in mind is important. Nobody's the same, so being open-minded can't hurt in the long run.
I do agree that any interest is a good interest so long as it does not harm or disrespect anyone!


i used to think like "do this person likes me?", now i think like "do i really like this person?"

dang, that's a good way to look at it. Maybe one day I'll reach that level, but my fear of abandonment means that I tend to do whatever it takes to keep people in my life (γ£β—žβ€Έβ—Ÿ c)

@luxrayluv once you learn to be your own best friend you will always be at your side and you will know what is best for you. You gotta focus on yourself, on your own development, your work, your studies, then keep at your side just the people who will help you achieve your goals, let's call them "the right people", people who will care about you and love you regardless of your flaws

you're right, I'm working on it! I think I'll get there eventually